Follow Up Calls: Tips to Success

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At Mailing Methods, we are always trying to better our business. A regular part of our business is the follow up sales call. Many companies struggle with how to approach these calls to prospective clients without being bothersome or repetitive. Instead of making a call to “touch base,” check out a few of these tips to improve the follow up call.

  • Remind the client of the business value. Get your client to understand the importance of time in accomplishing their overall business goal. For example, “I know that you wanted to get going on savings from a new inserter – can we get together to talk about how to move the project forward?”
  • Reinforce your message. Share with your client ideas to reinforce their needs and show you are dedicated to their success. For example, “I wanted to share this article on the ROI of using direct mail as part of your marketing campaign.”
  • Share a case study of a similar client. Show how your company was successful in working with this company and how you can be successful as well. For example, “I know you are interested in generating more business by adding marketing messages to your invoices – can we get together to talk about how we helped XYZ company accomplish the same thing?”

 You are providing value for your potential clients without the traditional follow up call. By avoiding the terms “follow up” or “touch base,” your client calls can become more beneficial and become a successful client interaction.

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