Why Shipment Tracking is Important and How to Make it More Predictable

When you buy something today, you demand immediacy. The order must be confirmed as soon as you click “confirm order” and your package must arrive within a day or two, a week at the most if you are ordering internationally.

Another thing you, as a buyer want to see is tracking packages from start to end. Fortunately, a lot of websites and blogs provide their readers with directions on how to track their pre-orders through live flight tracking. Also, if you have a Windows phone, it probably has a virtual assistant installed that can help you track packages automatically and it even sends updates about your order.

With all of this, and more, shippers are basically not allowed to make any mistakes. In today’s shopper’s mind, if he or she doesn’t get enough tracking information, it’s not worth bothering with it.

Nobody likes it when their order is delayed, let alone when the package is lost or misplaced somewhere between the seller and the buyer. If this happens, the damage is often beyond repair and the buyer will rarely trust the seller enough to make another purchase from him.

The pressure here is on the sender, of course, and whether he can deliver the order in a timely manner. Speed and accuracy are of the utmost importance for the customer and he has demanded more and more from the sender.

So what can the sender do in order to make sure the customer gets what he has ordered on time?

Automate his shipping process.


Predictability is Key

The biggest problem when it comes to international shipping is the lack of predictability. There are often delays, taxes that have to be paid, or it may be unclear who and where should receive the package.

Making your shipments more predictable is the key here, so it’s a good thing that many businesses see this as important and are making efforts to increase predictability.

The entire shipping process needs to be automated. Today, that is best done via a cloud-based package management system and using a centralized dashboard to keep an eye on package status in real time.

Customers today want more predictability and security from the sender. With increased efficiency that can be achieved through automating the two will get along quite well.

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