Postcards Advertising is a Winner!

This time of year is notorious for being a huge opportunity to boost your business revenue and awareness. There are holidays on the horizon, Black Friday, and Small Business Saturday, plus a New Year right around the corner. So let’s make 2014 shine! Maximize your marketing plan with postcard advertising.

In a study performed by the USPS in 2012, postcard mailers got the highest response rate, when compared to other forms of direct mail advertising.

  • Postcard 23.4%
  • Letter size envelope 7.9%
  • Large envelope 16.6%
  • Flyer 15.6%

Simply put, postcards are easy! There aren’t any envelopes to stuff, no sticky strips to lick, and no flyers to fold. Here are a few tips to get the most from your postcard mailer.

  1. Use your mailing list. Gather your client’s mailing information. Be proactive about this as quickly as possible. These are the people that are already interested in your business. You will get an even higher response rate from sending mailers to your current database of clients versus a rented list. The experts at Mailing Methods can assist with addressing your postcards as well as applying the correct postage.
  2. Keep your design straightforward and to the point, but enticing. It only takes seconds for your recipient to decide if they will look at your postcard or toss it in the garbage. Deliver a succinct, concise message, add professional artwork, and an irresistible call-to-action. Your call to action might be a discount or offer for a free gift. Don’t forget to include all your contact information – address, phone number, and website. Double check for errors before printing.
  3. Track your postcards. This is particularly important if you plan to do multiple mailings throughout the year. Tracking your mailings allows you to see which campaigns created the most revenue and interest. Simply add a code in the lower corner of the postcard as a reference point. For instance, if you are sending a holiday postcard, offering 25% – use the code HOLI25.

At Mailing Methods, we have the ability to help you with mailings regardless of size – whether it’s 100 or 10,000. We are here to serve the St. Louis area businesses with your holiday needs.