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Folding & Inserting Systems


Production Folder Inserter: DS-1200

Whatever your business requirements, the DS-1200 production folder inserter can be configured with the appropriate modules. Should your organisation grow and change its needs, you can be rest assured that you can simply upgrade or expand your solution to suit. All modifications can be carried out on-site, usually in less than a day.

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Production Folder Inserter: DS-160/160HP

The modular design of the folder inserter can be configured with 1 to 17 feeders using the Performance Version, so you can always have the capacity to meet the changing needs of your business. Simply add the right module at the right time – as applications change or your company grows. DS-160/160HP modularity assures that your equipment investment is cost effective today and into the future. With the electronic postage meter interface with sorting capability, mail is automatically metered and sorted in one seamless process.

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Production Folder Inserter: DS-200

In addition to its amazing ease of use as a production inserter, the DS-200 also provides high speed performance. It can process up to 4,800 envelopes per hour. Plus, the high loading capacity of the DS-200 is a perfect match for its high speed. The system design reduces downtime, enabling you to work on other tasks at the same time – and maximising your productivity. The DS-200 automatic folder inserter machine can process coated and glossy booklets or CDs into all regular envelopes ranging from C5/6 to C4. Plus it can feed documents both portrait or landscape. Add this to the fact that the DS-200 is able to memorise an unlimited number of jobs to reduce set-up time and you can begin to imagine the unprecedented possibilities of the DS-200.

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Authenication and Insertion Monitoring

Authentication & Insertion Monitoring System (AIMS) for Production Mail

Neopost delivers the full mail center solution with AIMS, a browser-based software that provides real time information so that you can manage your mail center and every mailpiece with accuracy, efficiency and flexibility. AIMS is seamlessly integrated to the data logging and statistical functions of Neopost’s inserters using our Integrated Mail Operating System (IMOS). The high integrity features of IMOS record the progress of every mailpiece it processes, create statistical data on every job run and transfer that data to AIMS. By combining this level of integrity and detail with a SQL database server and browser-based application, we have created a modern, intuitive way to manage both your mail center and every individual mailpiece with total confidence.

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Folder Inserter: DS-90i

Neopost facilitates productivity, flexibility and ease of use at the highest level with the DS-90i mail folding and inserting machine. Opportunities are unlimited, as it performs your daily administrative jobs and excels in direct marketing applications. Moreover, with many upgrade options, your future needs are also secured. his new inserting solution features some major innovations. One is unique and will make your life easier – the easy-to-use color touch screen. Both experienced and novice users will appreciate the clear and detailed information allowing them to set up a job and load documents easily. Operating a folder inserter has never been so easy.

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Folder Inserter: DS-85

Everybody can use a DS-85 folder inserter. Thanks to the reversible full color touch screen and load and go there is no need for trained operators. Just load documents and envelopes and press the button to Go! The DS-85 will adjust all settings automatically and even save them on the memory for instant recall. Should applications change or evolve, you know that your investment is protected, because the DS-85 can easily be expanded or upgraded.

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Folder Inserter: DS-75

The DS-75 paper folding solution offers you many enhanced features, usually available only on larger systems. With its compact footprint, large loading and unloading capabilities it brings you the highest level of convenience, productivity and versatility. The Neopost insert’n Frank solution allows you to automate your total mail flow by connecting the DS-75 folder inserter to a Neopost postage machine. Combined with Neopost’s flexFeed feeders and high folding capacity this enables you to optimize postal rates. Moreover, it will reduce downtime while processing all mail in one run.

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Folder Inserter: DS-63

Customize the DS-63 folder inserter for individual document handling operations. It is designed with four different configurations and a graphical touch screen. All of the DS-63 automatic folding inserting machine configurations are equipped with an automatic job set-up wizard. Just load the documents and envelopes into the DS-63, press the New Job button and the system will program itself to process the job.

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Folder Inserter: DS-35

The Neopost DS-35 automatic folder inserter deals with the job for you, enabling you to perform other tasks. With its compact size and fold-away catch tray, this solution fits any office environment. Imagine if you no longer had to prepare your mail by hand. The DS-35 letter folding solution is fully controlled from its new user interface, a modern color touch screen with only two buttons. No more need for skilled operators – anyone can use it. Just load your documents and envelopes, and let the software guide you through adjusting the settings. Its 15-job memory enables you to store the settings for all your regular mail runs, allowing instant recall.

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PF90 Fully Automatic Document Folder

Document Folder: PF90

The PF-90 Folder is designed for companies looking for maximum productivity and application flexibility. The PF-90’s range of features, including fully automated fold plates to its automated stacker wheelers which eliminate potential stoppages, are designed to increase overall efficiency and to fold documents professionally every time. The PF-90 can be easily adjusted to process a variety of precision folds including single, letter, z-fold, gate, fold-out and double-parallel.

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HF80 Fully Automatic Document Folder

Document Folder: PF-80

The PF-80 folder provides the simplicity and versatility to complete a wide variety of fold jobs in just minutes. The PF-80 folder gives businesses, churches, schools or print shops the simplicity and versatility to complete a wide variety of fold jobs in just minutes. The PF-80 offers a user-friendly control panel with a large, 2.8” LCD backlit display. It can take as many as 500 sheets in the hopper. Select a fold type, press start and walk away. Even untrained operators will quickly master the PF-80. The PF-80 can also be easily adjusted to process a variety of precision folds including single, letter, z-fold, gate, fold-out and double-parallel.

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HF60 Document Folder

Document Folder: PF-60

Simple solution for low volume jobs offering six popular, clearly marked folds for quick set-up and operation. This document folder is an easy-to-use solution for virtually all folding applications. Fast and dependable, it offers six popular, clearly marked folds for quick set-up and operation. Simply slide the fold stop to the desired fold location and go. The PF-60 easily adjusts to process single, letter, z-fold, gate, fold-out, double-parallel and many more varieties of precision folds.

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