4 Ways to Celebrate National Letter Writing Week

Perhaps there is a perception that handwritten letters are not exactly en vogue anymore since digital rode in and put keyboards in everyone’s pocket. Still, there’s something about receiving a letter in the mail – a personal item hiding amongst the bills and advertisements – that is singularly exhilarating.

Why is this important now?
Because the second week of January is National Letter Writing Week!

When you write a letter to someone, you’re not just sharing the words you write; you’re showing that person that he or she is worth some extra effort. Even if it’s just a short note, you’ll be telling the recipient you care . . . and giving him or her the thrill of opening the mailbox and finding something special waiting there!

Here are four letters you could write and send today. And who knows? Maybe you’ll get a letter in return!

1. Thanks for the gifts and hospitality
Most of us are relieved that the busy schedules and extra expenses of the holiday season are behind us, but writing thank-you notes is one lingering task that generally weighs on us into mid- to late-January. You can write a quick note on a piece of blank stationary or invest in a box of thank-you cards; they aren’t that expensive, and you can select a design that fits your personality. Imagine how much more your words of gratitude will mean if they’re hand-written instead of emailed or texted.

2. Thanks for the love and support over the years
Is there someone in your life who has always been there for you, cheering you on when you’re successful and offering a shoulder when you’re struggling? You’ve probably thanked that person many times in person, but have you ever sat down and really expressed how much that person’s love and support have meant to you? Maybe it’s time you did.

3. Share memories that shouldn’t be forgotten
With busy lives and obligations to current friends and family always in the forefront, sometimes it’s nice to take a step back and remember moments in the past that hold special significance. If you have cherished memories of moments shared with a friend or a sibling, write a letter and remind him or her of the good time you had. The memory will give the recipient a smile, and the fact that it meant enough to you to write it down will add strength to your bond, even if your lives have gone separate ways since the good old days.

4. Your employees went above-and-beyond
If you’ve ever worked in a service industry, you know that when customer feedback is received, the majority of it tends to be negative. This isn’t necessarily because the manager and employees are complete failures; it’s just that when all is well, customers tend to be content to just enjoy themselves and fail to leave feedback of any kind. When something goes wrong, though, writing a negative letter or filling out a comment card in a fit of fury can be cathartic. In an age when mediocre service has become the norm in many industries, receiving outstanding service can really brighten up a day. Brighten up a manager’s day by writing a short note letting him or her know that, at least on the day you visited the establishment, everyone met your needs.

While communication today is easier than ever before, it is easy to feel less connected in the digital age. In honor of National Letter Writing Week, why not take a few moments to write someone a personal note and mail it? It costs you nothing but the price of an envelope and a stamp and a few minutes of your time, but it could make a world of difference to the person who receives it.

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